Enjoy the Power of Instant Money
with the StashFin Credit Line Card

Simpler than a personal loan

Pay interest only on the funds you load on your card

Avail a credit line upto ₹5 lacs | Minimum documentation

Apply for a Credit Line Card

Let StashFin fulfill your credit needs instantly

Follow our easy, step by step process.

Quick & easy online forms

1Quick & easy online forms

Fill up a basic form with your profile details. Fill your online banking details & we will process your application within minutes.

Submit minimum documents

2Submit minimum documents

Upload your KYC documents in a few clicks. Our team will then do the final verification at your doorstep.

Funds sent fast

3Funds sent fast

Voila! Within four hours you will receive funds. It’s as easy as ordering a pizza.

Why choose StashFin?

We provide you with instant service at reasonable fees
while saving your valuable time and money

Quick Approvals
Quick Approvals

Instant approvals on personal loan or credit line. Borrow any amount ranging from ₹500 to ₹5,00,000.

Low processing fees
Low processing fees
No hidden fees, origination fees, closing fees or prepayment fees involved. Know ahead of time what your costs are.
Complete secure process
Complete secure process
We use safe channels & secure links to protect your sensitive information. At StashFin, trust & security are taken seriously.
Minimum documentation
Minimum documentation
Minimum uploads on our quick online form & doorstep document pickup at your choice of place & time.
Flexible payment terms
Flexible payment terms
Repay your loan with convenient EMIs. Pick a tenure that works for you ranging from 3 months to 36 months.
Instant disbursal
Instant disbursal
It takes as less as 4 hours from the time of application till you start using your funds. With StashFin visa credit line card, just 90 seconds.

Access funds instantly for any purpose

Exclusive corporate offers for your employees

How we bring smiles into workplaces.


About StashFin

StashFin is a company built by a team of passionate financial services professionals who have a collective experience of over 40 years. The company aspires to provide a frictionless and transparent personal loan experience in a safe and secure manner.

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