Instant Personal Loans for Salaried Individuals

A working professional has always a fixed monthly salary and it may not be sufficient enough to handle monthly expenses, education fees and medical emergencies. So, a person needs extra funds to overcome such situations. With StashFin, you can apply for a quick personal loan, if you are salaried individuals. If your monthly salary is more than ₹18,000, you can avail a personal loan. Quick online approvals and minimal documentation make it easier to get personal loan for salaried individuals. Applying through the StashFin App, you will get quick online approval credit line card, disbursal will take less than 24 hours from the time of application. With StashFin credit line card, you can start using funds within 90 seconds and pay the interest only on the added funds on your card.

Personal Loans Eligibility Criteria for Salaried Individuals

To avail the personal loans from StashFin, you must fulfill the following eligibility criteria

  • Indian citizenship: A person must be citizen of India and we require proof of nationality and address at the time of applying for the said personal loans or credit line card.
  • Minimum age limit: An applicant must be at least 20 years old to avail a personal loan.
  • Employment type: To apply for a loan / credit line card, you must be a salaried employee.
  • Minimum monthly income: Your monthly salary must be more than ₹18,000 to avail an instant personal loan and every month salary credited in your bank account.
  • Good credit history: A good credit score gets approval for instant personal loans/ credit line card and the best loan interest rates. A good credit score is an important factor in establishing creditworthiness.

Apply today for quick personal loan. We follow convenient and hassle-free smooth process, minimal paper work, easy and instant approval to fulfill your requirements.