Terms and Conditions

In these Terms and Conditions ‘StashFin’ denotes the brand owned by EQX Analytics Private Limited, a Private Limited Company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 (CIN:U67190DL2016PTC290928) and having its Registered Office at 60, Arjun Nagar Kotla Mubarakpur, New Delhi – 110003.

“Due Date” in respect of any payment means the date on which any amount is due from the Borrower to the Lender(s).

“Scheme Termination Date” means the date on which the StashFin Payback Points is/ are terminated by StashFin at its sole discretion.

“Card Member” refers to owners/ holders of StashFin Card.

  1. The StashFin PAYBACK Rewards Scheme shall come in force from the Effective Date and shall be available to Card Member/s holding StashFin Cards, on and after the Effective Date.

  2. The PAYBACK Points, as earned by the Card Member under the StashFin PAYBACK Partnership shall be indicated in the monthly Statement sent to the Card Member.

  3. Upon redemption of the PAYBACK Points, the PAYBACK Points so redeemed shall automatically stand reduced or debited from the accumulated PAYBACK Points in the Card Account.

  4. A customer becomes eligible for points and can see them on StashFin website and app within 10 days from the date of transaction. Points are earned and become available for redemption when EMI is paid on or before the due date. Till the customer hasn’t paid his EMI on or before the due date, he cannot earn or redeem his Points. It may take up to 10 days from the EMI due date for the points to reflect in the customer’s PAYBACK Account.

  5. Only new customers who come using PAYBACK referral code or through our corporate sales channel during the offer period become eligible for 10,000 PAYBACK Points on registering their StashFin Cards and loading at least Rs. 30,000 on the Cards within 3 months. These Points will become available to customers within 45 days of the 3rd EMI payment. The payments should have been on or before the EMI due dates. The account should be in good standing with StashFin. This offer is for limited time only and is subject to these Terms and Conditions. StashFin can cancel the scheme at any point without giving any notice.

  6. If a customer doesn’t pay a single EMI on or before the due date, all his/ her future outstanding points that he/ she has become eligible for but has not yet earned will get cancelled. The past points that he/ she has earned by paying past EMIs on/ before the due date will remain with him/ her.

  7. StashFin may launch various offers at its discretion and may cancel them without any notice.

  8. If during the period of any promotional scheme offered by StashFin or thereafter, the use of the Card is withdrawn, or cancelled, or is liable to be cancelled, or the Card Account is termed as a delinquent account, then any offer/benefit including but not limited to gift/discounts/cash-back offered during the promotion period shall ipso facto stand immediately and automatically cancelled for the Card Member.

  9. If any time before the Scheme Termination Date (the date on which the StashFin PAYBACK Points is/ are terminated by StashFin at its sole discretion) the use of the StashFin Card is withdrawn, or cancelled, or is liable to be cancelled, or the Card Account is termed as a Delinquent Account, all the PAYBACK Points accrued to the Card Member through StashFin and then standing to his credit shall ipso facto stand immediately and automatically cancelled.

  10. Such cancelled PAYBACK Points shall not be credited to the Card Account even if the Card Member reinstates his/ her membership with StashFin.

  11. You are a new customer who has come through PAYBACK and have registered your StashFin Card and loaded Rs. 30,000 in Month 1 with a tenure of 3 months.

  12. The Schemes shall not be applicable to those Card Members with Delinquent Accounts as on the Effective Date of the respective Scheme or subsequently for any Card Accounts that becomes delinquent during the tenure of the Schemes.

  13. Computation of reward points as may be done by StashFin under the Schemes shall be final, conclusive and binding on the Card Member and shall not be liable to any dispute.

  14. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as a binding obligation on StashFin or PAYBACK to continue the Schemes after the Scheme Termination Date or to substitute the Schemes by a similar or a new scheme.

  15. Redemption of the reward points is voluntary and all related charges shall be deemed to be voluntarily incurred by a Card Member in normal course of Card usage.

  16. The Card Member shall not hold StashFin responsible for any actions, claims, demands, liabilities, losses, damages, costs, charges or expenses, which a Card Member incurs, in normal course of the Card usage.

  17. StashFin reserves the right to nullify the reward points earned by the Card Member under the respective Schemes in case of StashFin induced closure of the Card Account or the termination/ cancellation of the Card or the termination/cancellation of the respective Scheme.

  18. StashFin expressly reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice to the Card Member, to add, alter, modify, change or vary all or in part, or withdraw altogether the Schemes or any other reward point scheme that StashFin may introduce from time to time.

  19. StashFin informs the Card Member that usage of Card Member data will be as per PAYBACK and StashFin terms and conditions and privacy policy.

  20. It is informed that StashFin (i) does not have any liability for the product or towards redemption of the PAYBACK points; (ii) does not warrant that the PAYBACK Card can be used for any purpose other than as stated in the PAYBACK terms and conditions; (iii) informs the PAYBACK Card owner that use of PAYBACK Card will be as permitted by PAYBACK from time to time; it shall not be responsible for any changes to or discontinuance of PAYBACK program or there arise a force majeure event or if the PAYBACK Card cannot be used due to any technology related issues.

  21. Request for reward point redemption, as per the Terms and Conditions herein and PAYBACK Terms and Conditions https://www.payback.in/home/terms-and-conditions.html, shall only be entertained from the Primary Card Member. Card Member/s are eligible to earn Reward Point/s for retail transaction/s. Card Member/s shall however not be entitled to earn reward points on retail transactions that have been subsequently reversed. PAYBACK Points earned on transactions that have been subsequently reversed will stand cancelled.

  22. Option of redemption once invoked by the Primary Card Member cannot be subsequently cancelled/withdrawn/changed at the instance of any Card Member.

  23. StashFin reserves the right to modify/change all or any of the Terms and Conditions applicable to the Schemes without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever to the Card Member. StashFin also reserves the right to discontinue the Schemes without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever. Nothing contained herein shall amount to a commitment or representation by StashFin to continue the Schemes.

  24. If StashFin Card is replaced, the points will continue to be available.

  25. Reward Points once exchanged under any specific scheme/promotional offer that may be either offered by StashFin or by StashFin's tie up with a merchant partner/participating partner or for any other partner's loyalty programme cannot be subsequently transferred back to the Card Account or cancelled at the instance of the Card Member.

  26. StashFin assumes no responsibility for Reward Points converted/transferred to any merchant partner/participating partners' program or otherwise wherever such conversion/transfer of Reward Points is applicable.

  27. Disqualification of a PAYBACK Member, arising out of his/her misconduct, fraud and misuse of PAYBACK Rewards or acts in a manner inconsistent with any central/state/local laws, statutes or ordinances, may result in immediate termination of PAYBACK membership and cancellation of all PAYBACK Points and PAYBACK Rewards. Any PAYBACK Member so disqualified shall not be entitled to redeem his PAYBACK Points after such disqualification.

  28. StashFin reserves the right to withdraw and/or alter the Offer at any time without prior notice. StashFin reserves the right to deny the offer on the grounds of suspicion or abuse of the offer by any customer.

  29. Selection, addition or deletion of the products offered in the redemption catalogue shall be at the sole discretion of PAYBACK and subject to change without notice.

  30. All visuals of the goods/services in the redemption catalogue or related web pages are indicative only.

  31. StashFin shall not be held responsible where any manufacturer's supplier of products offered to Card Members withdraws, cancels, alters or amends the products.

  32. All products/vouchers/services available for redemption are subject to availability of the same and manufacturer's warranties/restrictions at the time of redemption.

  33. StashFin does not guarantee and make any representation about the quality, usefulness and worthiness of the products/vouchers/services and shall not be responsible if the same are in any way found to be defective.

  34. StashFin shall not be held liable for any delay or loss that may be caused in the delivery of the goods. The Reward Points earned by the Card Member cannot be exchanged for cash.

  35. The Schemes are not available wherever prohibited and/or on such merchandise/products/ services for which such Schemes cannot be offered, for any reason whatsoever.

  36. Goods/services mentioned in the redemption catalogue are non-transferable and non-encashable.

  37. Any disputes regards the availability, delivery, quality, merchantability or suitability of this offer and/or products/services must be addressed by the card member in writing to PAYBACK directly and that StashFin will not entertain any communication in this regard.

  38. StashFin shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever that may be suffered or for any personal injury that may be suffered to the card holder directly or indirectly, by use or non-use of products/services under this Offer.

  39. By availing this Offer, the Cardholder provides consent and acceptance to all terms for the purpose of this Offer.

  40. Any tax or other liabilities or charges payable to the government or any other authority or body established by law (central, state or local), which may arise or accrue to the Card Member by redemption of the reward points under the respective Scheme, as aforesaid, shall be to the sole account of the Card Member. Tax deducted at source, if any, on the monetary value of the goods/services shall be payable by the Card Member.

  41. Under the PAYBACK Scheme, in addition to the Terms and Conditions, as mentioned herein, the Card Member shall also be governed by the terms and conditions laid down by LSRPL, operating under the brand name PAYBACK. For a detailed list of T&Cs, please visit www.PAYBACK.in. In case of any contradiction between the terms prescribed herein and those available on the PAYBACK Website, the terms available on the PAYBACK Website shall prevail. Disputes, if any, pertaining to PAYBACK Scheme shall be resolved directly by the Card Member with PAYBACK, without any reference or recourse to StashFin in any manner whatsoever and StashFin shall not be liable for any such dispute that may arise between the Card Member and LSRPL, operating under the brand name PAYBACK.

  42. Disputes, if any, arising out of or in connection, with or as a result of the Schemes, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts at Delhi.

  43. All disputes, differences and claims arising out of this scheme shall be settled by Arbitration in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 or any statutory amendments thereof and shall be referred to the sole arbitrator to be appointed by StashFin. The customer(s) has willingly agreed to the appointment of the Arbitrator by StashFin, and the customer(s) shall not raise any objection against the appointment of the Arbitrator on the ground that the Arbitrator is connected in any manner with StashFin. Any party desirous of making reference to the Arbitrator shall give fifteen days Registered Acknowledgment Due Notice to his intention to do so to the other party at his usual place of business or residence or the place of their last notified address and the notice shall be deemed to have been served with it would ordinarily have been delivered by post. The notice sent by the Arbitrator to the parties by Registered Post at the address mentioned will be considered sufficient service on the Parties whether such notice is received by them or refused or is returned undelivered. The Award of the Arbitrator shall be final and binding on the parties, and the Award shall include allocation of the cost of arbitration. The arbitration proceeding shall be in Delhi only.

  44. The Terms and Conditions shall be in addition to and not in substitution/derogation of the Primary Terms and Conditions.

  45. By registering his StashFin Card, the customer agrees to become member of loyalty program which is run by Loyalty Solutions & Research Private Limited under its brand name ‘’PAYBACK’’.

  46. By signing up for PAYBACK, you agree to all terms and conditions of the programme.