Getting Started

We are an online marketplace for personal loans for salaried persons. StashFin ensures end-to-end services including applications, documentations, follow-ups with our various banks and NBFC partners for quick disbursement. We have integrated tie-ups with several financial institutions to permit quick disbursal in as little as 4 hours from time of application.
Below is the eligibility criteria to apply for a loan with us :
  • Indian Citizen
  • Above 18 years of age
  • Salaried employee
  • Salaried bank account with net banking access
You can get an instant loans starting from ₹ 10,000 to ₹ 3 Lacs for a tenure of 3-24 months.
Our business hours are 10AM to 7PM, Monday to Saturday with the exception of Bank holidays

Applying for a StashFin loan

It's simple! Visit and select your loan amount, fill in your basic info, and submit. You will be done in few minutes!
Here are the top reasons:
  • It is both convenient and easy to apply for a personal loan with StashFin. We offer disbursals in as little as 4 hours after loan processing is complete.
  • You can track your real-time application status from our website and Mobile Application.
  • We also offer end-to-end services including document pickups at your chosen convenient time and right until disbursement.
If you have submitted your requirement request to us, you will receive a call from our customer support, who will assist you with the application and documentation process. Once a basic questionnaire is filled, our support team will schedule an appointment for same day document pickup at your doorstep.
Accurate information on the application and correct documentation are key to speeding things up. The sooner you submit your application with correct documentation, the faster your application is processed. In most cases, we are able to process a loan application within 4 hours! It is that easy.
You can call us on 011-47848400 or send us an email with your contact information at, we will get in touch with you.
After all the KYC documents are received by us, we transfer the loan amount using NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) during banking hours.
Yes, you can prepay after clearing the first three monthly installments and we will not levy any prepayment charges.
It records your repayment of past loans and credit card bills. The Credit Information Bureau of India Limited (CIBIL) maintains credit history and it is important that you have a good credit score with credit bureau if you wish to avail a loan in a hassle-free manner.
No, the services offered by StashFin are completely free of charge. Unlike other lenders we charge low processing fee.
We review each application thoroughly and as per our credit policy, your application did not meet the required criteria. We value your precious time in fulfilling the application process and encourage you to reapply after three months.
Below are the lists of documents that are required to process your loan:
  • Current Address Proof (If rented, would also need owner’s electricity bill). Acceptable proofs are: Valid rent agreement, Voter ID, Driving License, Landline bill, Aadhar Card etc.
  • Permanent Address Proof
  • Last three months’ salary slips
All these above documents have to be self-attested. We will collect these documents at your doorstep based on your convenience.
It is completely safe to provide your bank statement using your net banking credentials. Any login credentials you supply are encrypted and are never stored on our servers. We only receive the bank statement at the end of the transaction and we are not privy to your net banking credentials.
Once your application is approved you will receive an email and a notification on your mobile phone. You may also receive a notification if we require any further details to approve your application. You will also be able to check the status of your loan at after logging in with your login credentials.
We want to keep you as a customer, so please make every attempt to pay us back on time, however if still such a situation arises please contact us immediately at
If a customer doesn't pay back his loan the following may occur :
  • We will be forced to suspend your access to our lending services
  • We may Involve outside collection agencies
  • We may initiate legal action (if applicable)
  • We will report your account delinquency to multiple credit bureaus which will impact your credit scores.
A healthy credit score is used to judge your credit worthiness and decides your loan eligiblity. Most of the organizations like banks/insurance companies etc are now days using bureau information to judge the customers and various offers are designed around the same.

Detail About Your Loan application

You may contact us at 011-47848400 or write to us at
You can change certain details such as your company name, current residence, etc. by logging in and going over to the profile page. Certain other details such as Name, Current Address, Mobile Number, Date of Birth cannot be changed. In case of any errors please write to us at or contact us at +91-9910424821
You may contact us at 011-47848400 or write to us at
Our smart and easy digital application lets you apply for loan at any time and on any day.
If you are certain that you did not received an OTP code on your registered mobile number, please request the code again by clicking the button that says “RESEND OTP” on the online application. To protect the security of your account our agents are unable to view your OTP code and are therefore unable to email you your phone verification code
StashFin may send you messages to remind you of upcoming payments. However, the responsibility to pay your EMI’s is yours. Therefore, please maintain appropriate bank balance in your account.
Please log onto your StashFin account and you will find your customized dashboard that will contain your loan application status and/or all the details concerning your loan.
The loan can be repaid in the form of Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) via post-dated cheques or NACH drawn in favour of the bank.
We do not request a guarantor to apply for loan at StashFin. Since this is a personal loan, we can only take your individual information into consideration.
All loan cases where documents get submitted before 2:30 PM shall be disbursed in 4 hours, if all documents are in order and are verified; the rest shall be disbursed on the following business day, subject to verification of the submitted documents
All documents of declined cases are destroyed and we do not send documents back to customers. Please refer to our document policy in terms and conditions
We may consider the change request if it is placed at least 1 week prior to the EMI date. However, a change fee of INR 1,500 per request and applicable interest (calculated on a case to case basis) shall be charged and added to the last EMI

Interest Rate and Duration

StashFin loans start from 11.99% annually. We don’t charge service fees, prepayment fees, or any other hidden fees. Interest rates may vary from case to case basis and the rates offered will depend on your credit assessment.
Most banks / NBFC charge a processing fee / pre-closure charge and you would end up paying the same amount as a loan with us.
A higher credit score indicates that you have a good track record with respect to loans that you have borrowed in the past. Therefore, if your credit score is high (more than 750 in case of CIBIL TransUnion), your chances of being granted a loan are much higher than if you have a lower score. Additionally, you may be able to negotiate benefits such as a lower interest rate, higher loan amount, waiver of processing charges, etc. by leveraging your high credit score.
Credit Agencies like Transunion, Equifax give more weightage if loans are repaid on time and hence results in better credit score.
Please email at or call us at 011-47848400 We will be happy to evaluate your circumstances.