Know Your Employee's Interests

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With pre-approved credit lines, there is no
waiting around

Your employees will have instant access to pre-approved credit lines,
equivalent to their net monthly salary and more.

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Say goodbye to salary advances

Let us handle your employee's financial well-being, so that you
have more capital to grow your business with.

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30 days guarantee

We promise your employees, free credit for first 30 days.

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Boost morale of your employees

With a source of funds on tap for unplanned needs,employees
will have one less thing to worry about, increasing their

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Risk is ours

We extend credit to your employees based on their individual
profiles, you as a corporate do not bear any liability.

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Frequently Asked Questions by Employers

What are the documents required to get a Stashfin VISA Card?

Stashfin doesn't require any physical documents. To activate the account, the cardholder has to upload the following in the Stashfin mobile application:

  • ID Proof - PAN Card
  • Permanent Address Proof - Aadhaar Card
  • Copy of Cheque of Salary Bank Account