Solve the Holiday Shopping Woes with the StashFin VISA Card

That time of the year has come when you can shop till you drop. Christmas and New Year are around the corner and packed with a plethora of alluring sale offers. It becomes natural for people to get tempted to stretch their budget a bit further.

Even before the onset of the holiday season, most of us pen down our wish list according to our budget. And no matter how much we plan, the moment we enter the shopping malls, the glitter all around tempts us to overspend, leaving our diligently prepared shopping list in the trash can.

The year-end sale offers facilitate us to buy coveted items from our bucket list, but these can also go beyond our budget. And before we realize that we have crossed the limit, it is too late.

Additionally, having a dry wallet before the holiday season is like a nightmare. Do not let this affect your shopping plans this year. We at StashFin ensure you a season full of joy and happiness. And what can be a better way than to have a fully loaded wallet?

StashFin offers the easy StashFin card to all its personal loan customers with no annual fee attached. You can take a loan for any of your requirements, from travel to jewellery, family vacation, shopping, or household items. This Visa-powered card can be used as a debit-cum-credit card. That is, for online shopping as well as at any POS terminal. You can also withdraw cash from your StashFin line of credit card.

You must be thinking why a StashFin line of credit card, not any other personal loan or a usual credit card that banks offer? The StashFin line of credit card is easy to apply. You can visit our website and apply online by filling out a simple form. Our executive picks up your KYC documents. The loan officer then processes your loan after the verification of your documents. Within few hours, your card is processed, your StashFin card is loaded with the approved limit. And all this happens while you are in the comfort of your home. With the other options, you would end up entering a hassled procedure and running around.

There is a lot more that StashFin offers to their customers. We have no annual fee, and the interest rate is competitive to that charged by credit card companies. Also, the EMI is calculated on the limited utilized and not on the total amount sanctioned.

So, this holiday season, do not let your financial worries overwhelm your shopping plans. Instead, prepare well in advance to pick the best offer. Shop unlimited with your StashFin line of credit card and let the celebrations begin. Happy shopping!