How to Be a Smart StashFin Card User?

Renovation of the house, childrenʼs education, annual family vacations, festival shopping, and medical emergencies are common reasons when you may suddenly face a financial crunch. To make your life stress free and to help you in all your financial emergencies, StashFin has introduced the StashFin easy card. It is a Visa-powered card that can be used at any ATM, POS, and online payments.

Once your personal loan application is approved by StashFin, your card is loaded within 4 hours. Now that you have the funds, the next step is to understand how to be a smart card user. Here are a few features of the StashFin card and some tips from experts on using the card judiciously so you can reap the maximum benefits out of it:

1. The StashFin card has the balance transfer facility. You can transfer the debt from your existing credit card to your StashFin card at a much lower rate. This will not only save you from the interest but also help you pay off your debt faster. StashFin charges a very nominal one-time transfer fee.

2. Credit limit: Each card has a fixed credit limit. Depending on your income, spending habits, and record of re-payments, the company may increase your credit limit eventually. Wisely decide whether or not to take this offer.

3. Payment: When you receive your credit card bill, it clearly mentions the total and the minimum amount payable, along with the due dates. Often people think that if they pay the minimum amount due, they will not be charged any interest. This is a common misconception. By paying the minimum amount due, you will avoid only the late payment charges. To avoid the interest, which is around 3 percent per month, always repay the total amount on or before the due date.

4. EMI option: If you are planning to buy an expensive item like a TV or refrigerator, you can get the payable amount converted to EMIs. Ensure you pay the EMIs on time to maintain a good Cibil score.

5. Cash advance: The StashFin credit card gives you the facility to withdraw cash as well. This interest is compounded till the time the entire amount is paid. So use the StashFin card as a debit card judiciously.

6. Utility bills: You might often find it difficult to pay electricity, gas, water, and phone bills on time due to the variability factor of these bills. To ease your financial planning and make timely payments, you can use the StashFin card.

A personal loan on the StashFin card is an easy way to meet your sudden and urgent financial needs. However, you must use this financial tool with utmost care and responsibility.