Here’s How you can Avail Personal Loan with your StashFin Card

Got a wedding, renovation, or emergency at home? Stuck with managing the unplanned financial requirements? For such short-term sudden expenses, the best option is a quick personal loan.

People often believe that banks are eager to give out personal loans to anyone who applies for one. But this is not the case. Since the personal loan is an unsecured loan, banks accept your loan application only after thorough scrutiny. Therefore, the entire process can be overwhelming. Especially at the time of an emergency, when you need the loan amount quickly, a personal loan through bank becomes a cumbersome process.

StashFin understands the importance of financial stability and independence at the time of emergency, be it wedding, festival, travel, medical need, and so on. To help you get rid of the lengthy and hassled loan process, we offer you personal loan on the StashFin card.

The StashFin card is a Visa credit cum debit card. It can be used at a POS terminal, for online transactions, and even for cash withdrawal from ATMs. This card comes with a pre-approved personal loan. You can avail the personal loan to manage any kind of financial need that you may land into.

Following are the key features of personal loan on the StashFin card:

There are no cash withdrawals charges on the Stashfin card, whereas other banks charge around 2.5% on cash transactions.
The card fees policy is very transparent, and there are no hidden charges.

How to Apply for StashFin Card and Instant Personal Loan?

Let us give you a quick guide to the easy and trouble-free process.

Step 1: Apply online at our website. Just fill out a simple application form, which consists of your personal, professional, and banking details.

Step 2: Submit your self-attested KYC (Know Your Customer) documents along with PDCs (post-dated cheques). If you want, our executive can collect the documents from your office or home.

Step 3: Our loan processing officer will check your documents and creditworthiness.

Step 4: Your personal loan amount will be disbursed in your account.

The loan process takes around 4 hours after completing all the requisite documentation. Your amount is transferred online to your account, so you do not have to collect a cheque or demand draft. Additionally, within 90 seconds of the approval, the funds are credited to your account.
The fast and hassle-free procedure of loan application saves you not only from all the effort but also from the unnecessary stress. To procure your personal loan and StashFin Visa-powered card, login in to