Get a StashFin VISA Card and Tick Things off your Bucket List

Every New Year’s Eve we make various resolutions and to-do or bucket lists. But how many of us are really able to tick those items off our bucket list?

All of us have some goals or desires we wish to fulfil, including destination wedding, expensive gadget, foreign travel, attending your favorite band’s live show, indulging in adventurous sports and luxury shopping. Some wishes are ticked off while some are carried forward to the next year.

The fulfilment of our wishlist is directly proportionate to our pocket. The aspirations which fit in our current financial budget are ticked off, but what about the other goals? New items continue to add on to the list as you age. The older items in the bucket list take the backseat, and when you look back after years, you really wish you could have ticked off some more items. That is when you wish there could be some miracle to help you fulfill your long cherished dreams.

StashFin helps you live your dreams, without making compromises on your wishlist. Want to go skydiving, attend Justin Bieber’s concert, buy latest iPhone or Megatrend MKIIISpeakers, we will help to get what you want and deserve. You just have to fill in the easy card form and leave the rest to us.

Our StashFin card is a Visa-powered card that will solve all your financial problems. Unlike other credit cards, the application process is hassle free and customer friendly. You do not have to wait for days to know whether your card is approved or not. You can apply online and check your eligibility for the credit card and credit limit. After you apply online, our executive collects your documents. Our loan officer quickly goes through your file and reverts in a time-bound manner. Within few hours of approval, you get the loaded card. Our interest rate is very competitive and is one of the lowest in the market. We do not have any hidden charges.

This card can be used as a debit card, too. You can do online shopping or book your tickets online. While travelling, you can just swipe your card at any trusted merchant.

Life is about fulfilling your dreams. It needs to be filled with adventurous stories. Stories that you enjoy telling your kids and grandkids, stories you will love to remember when you grow old. Bid adieu to all the excuses and apply to our launch pad to your dreams – the StashFin easy card.

From now on no more dreaming; let your dreams see the light of the day. Say goodbye to your long but un-fructified wishlist and start ticking off the goals one by one while making space for the new ones.