3 Tips on Safer and Better Travel with StashFin Visa Card

The country is going digital, and so are we. Most of us own one or more credit card. But are you aware that the number of credit or debit card fraud is increasing day by day? No, we are not asking you to stop using the plastic money in the form of your StashFin card, for all the obvious benefits it offers. Instead, here we will share some tips to safeguard this financial tool at your disposal during travel.

Gone are the days when people used to carry cash while travelling. You can replace your hard cash with your StashFin line of card. Transacting with the card is not only safe but also facilitates easy tracking of expenses through the app. However, with this convenience and comfort comes responsibility—the responsibility to keep you StashFin card safe. By being a little vigilant while transacting through your card, you can avoid electronic fraud or identity theft. Safeguarding your card is very important. The loss is not only limited to monetary loss; it may even hamper your public and professional image.

Just a few safety measures in mind while dealing with your StashFin card can keep it safe.

Never respond to emails asking your card details. Always use your card and related identification details with trusted merchants. Before making online payment for your hotel reservation or other adventurous activities, check for the website’s authenticity. Ensure the URL address contains “https”. Never share your StashFin card PIN with anyone.

Now that you are aware of basic precautions, we will quickly share tips for your smooth and better travel:

  1. StashFin card is cheaper than currency: While travelling abroad, you will require money for food, entry tickets, conveyance, etc. Do not waste time searching for a reasonable currency rate; instead just swipe your StashFin card. Most of the merchants across the globe will accept the Visa-powered StashFin card and offer attractive exchange rates.
  2. Foreign transaction fees: Before you leave for the airport, check with us about the foreign transaction fees.
  3. Budget your next trip: Apart from tracking your travel expenses, the StashFin card helps you budget your next trip. You can easily calculate your hotel and airline charges, but what about other miscellaneous expenses? With reference to your last trip’s card statement, you can budget your next travel.


StashFin offers you Visa card that meets all your requirements, be it travel, education, wedding, house repair, or medical. You can apply online to avail your card. Our executive will collect your documents. After scrutinizing your documents, your StashFin Visa card will be loaded with the approved amount. Our process is quick and convenient. Our interest rate is lower as compared to banks and other financial institutes.

Apply for your StashFin card today and enjoy your vacations like never before.