StashFin Charges vs. Credit Card Charges

Credit cards are a significant feature of banking and transactions, and this is why it’s imperative to understand the workings of a credit card. Credit cards are a very important mode to make payments for a variety of commodities, ranging from every day needs to lavish expenditures. However, customers often remain without any concrete knowledge of some of the costs of these credit cards while making payments. The confusion is often exacerbated since these cards are provided to customers with the label of ‘free’ credit cards.

In reality, these credit cards come with an array of payments tagged along with them, which are not made entirely known to the customer. On the other hand, Stashfin provides its customers with a Visa-powered card with every personal loan that they apply for. These cards, which can be treated as a normal debit/credit card, provide a more efficient and convenient alternative from credit cards while providing more savings and transparency for the customer. It provides virtual line of credit which enables to get loan in your account in 90 seconds

For the so-called ‘free’ credit cards, the fee for only the first year is waived. Following the first year, a payment of INR 1500 to INR 3000 is applicable as a standard annual charge on the card. On the contrary, Stashfin Visa cards do not require a yearly fee and are exempt from these costs.

Cash withdrawals using a credit card are quite expensive, with transaction charges of up to 2.5% of the cash advance. On top of this, interest rates on cash transactions are applicable from the outset and can range somewhere between 24-46% per annum. With a Stashfin Visa card, the customer is absolutely free from these additional costs.

Crossing the credit card limit by even just INR 1 can result in the bank charging the customer for an over limit fee of INR 500 or 2.5% of the credit limit, depending upon the higher amount. However, Stashfin Visa cards do not require such payments to be made by its customers.

All in all, Stashfin Visa cards translate into better savings and cutting down on unnecessary and often deceptive costs of other credit cards. Applying for a Stashfin Visa card or personal loan comprises a simple hassle-free and quick online application procedure, followed by the submission of a few documents that are collected by Stashfin executives. These credit cards can be used at ATMs as well as for direct card transactions without being charged separately or more for either of the transactions.

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