Say Hello to the New StashFin Visa Card

It is a common misconception that credit cards are sometimes offered by banks to customers for ‘free’. Many people remain under the illusion that their bank has offered them a convenient and affordable arrangement to procure a credit card. This may not truly be the case. Most banks have been found guilty of forcing their customers into new payments that weren’t known to the customer from the very beginning.

Banks often claim that their credit cards are offered without any annual maintenance fee. In fact, this is inaccurate, since the fees on a credit card for only the first year is waived off, following which a fee of between INR 1500-3000 may be applicable on credit card usage.

Crossing your credit card limit by even just INR 1 may result in a penalty that may amount to either INR 500 or 2.5% of the over limit amount, depending on which is higher. Moreover, transactional charges on cash withdrawals using your credit card could be charged up to 2.5% of the cash amount, in addition to which interest costs ranging from 24 to 46% per annum become applicable. These charges are applied from the very first day of the transaction itself. More often than not, customers are lured into attractive schemes only to find out that many of the payments required were not made explicit right from the beginning.

Stashfin introduces its new Stashfin Visa card that addresses and provides a solution to many of these issues. The Stashfin Visa card can be used as a credit card as well as a regular debit card for cash withdrawals. The Stashfin Visa card comes with a personal loan when one applies for it at Stashfin. These personal loans can be used for a variety of purposes, including education, travel, health, and for family purposes like weddings and anniversaries as well.

The application procedure consists of a simple and fairly straightforward online form, which can be found on Stashfin’s official website. Following this, Stashfin executives collect the requisite documents from the doorstep of an applicant. The disbursement of the funds is immediate, and the customer can use the loan facilities from the very get-go to fulfil their needs. It’s as simple as getting virtual line of credit which enables to get loan in your account in just 90 second!

To procure your very own Stashfin Visa card, or for additional details, visit today.