Avail the Benefits of a no Annual fee Card

It has become common knowledge that banks do not always divulge important parts of information regarding bank schemes or offers. This often stands true for credit card offers provided by banks to their customers as well.

Credit cards sometimes come attached with payments and fees that are not apparent at first, which are not disclosed at the beginning by the bank. Various banks offer these credit cards to their customers under the pretext of being a ‘free’ credit card. These cards are presented to the customers with the added advantage of ‘no-fees’ tag, which might not even be the case most of the times.

Unknown and seemingly insignificant charges for a credit card can add up and become a considerable sum of money borrowed by a customer, after being offered as a ‘free’ credit card – a myth that is quite misleading and untrue. The reality is that after the fees for the first year has been waived, the normal annual maintenance fee applies to credit cards. This fee is usually in the range of between INR 1500-3000. In addition to this basic fee, other costs are also gradually added. Costs, such as processing fees, transactional charges on cash withdrawals on a credit card, late payment fees, and interest costs keep piling up, and are eventually forced upon customers.

Stashfin introduces Visa-powered cards that are made available for absolutely no annual maintenance fee. Unlike other credit cards, Stashfin Visa cards, with low processing fees, equate to a more affordable and convenient experience for the customer. Customers are also provided with complete transparency over the actual nature of the scheme for the Stashfin Visa card. Owing to an easy online application process that can be completed within five minutes, the customer is saved both time as well as money. It provides virtual line of credit which enables to get loan in your account in just 90 seconds.

Moreover, there are no fees charged by Stashfin for using the Visa card to make cash withdrawals for cash transactions, whereas other banks may charge transactions as high as up to 2.5% of the cash advance, above which the customer must pay interest costs ranging from between 24-46% per annum. This is to say that Stashfin Visa cards can just as easily operate like debit cards for everyday use as well as larger acquisitions and payments. A Stashfin Visa card can, additionally, be also used for online shopping and online payments.

In terms of your money, the application procedure should be absolutely transparent with no hidden charges whatsoever. To sign up and procure your very own Stashfin Visa card, visit www.stashfin.com today and learn more about our schemes and offers.