Why Are Personal Loans Favoured Over Other Types of Loans

A personal loan, as the name itself suggests, is a loan that fulfils your personal needs, such as medical emergencies, education, weddings, etc. Unlike auto loans, home loans, and business loans, personal loans do not require a collateral to be submitted against the applied loan amount. Once your loan amount and repayment tenure are approved by the bank, you are good to take care of your needs.

Applying for an easy personal loan is hassle-free and enables you to handle your personal matters in a comfortable manner. Here are some reasons why personal loans are so popular:

The Application Process

Compared to most other loan application processes, applying for a personal loan is a smooth process. Here are the components of the application process:

  • You need to correctly fill out the application form

  • You need to submit documents for identity proof and address proof

  • Your self-attested bank statements of the previous few months need to be submitted

  • You need to check your credit score as your loan amount would depend on this

Quick Availability

Personal loans are usually processed quickly, and sometimes within 24 hours, too. At the most, the bank will release the funds to you within a few days’ time.


Unlike other loans, a financial institution will focus on your capability and capacity to repay the loan by the determined date rather than focusing on the purpose for which you are applying for the loan in question.

Lower Interest Rates

Unlike personal loans, other types of loans come with a higher rate of interest. This makes repayment of personal loans extremely attractive and almost manageable for anyone who is eligible for a particular personal loan. If you take out the time to do some good research, you will be able to find lower rates of interest for a personal loan provided by several financial institutions.

Systematic Repayment Options

Most personal loans offer uniform interest rates and repayment options throughout the term of a loan. During the loan agreement process, a repayment tenure is decided upon and you will be required to repay your loan money in the form of Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) within that time-period.

Although applying for a personal loan is fast and simple, giving it the name of fast cash loans, there a few points that one should always bear in mind:

  • Repaying a loan means that you need to plan your future finances responsibly

  • If you have too many debts to pay off, it may not be wise to simultaneously obtain another debt in the form of a personal loan

With such attractive options of repayment and interest rates, it is no wonder that personal loans are so popular among people all over the world.