Beginners’ Guide to Apply for Personal Loans

An individual may apply for a personal loan to meet the present financial requirements. It is the most convenient way of acquiring funds, since it does not require you to make a security deposit against it. On top of it, its documentation isn’t too complicated, and you can use it for any purpose since you are not required to state the reason for borrowing this amount of money.

However, the decision to opt for a personal loan is a hefty decision and can seem rather daunting. Therefore, it is essential to acquire proper knowledge about the various aspects of a loan, and make an informed decision based on adequate research. Before you apply for personal loan online, you must consider the following aspects:

Credit Score

You must keep a check on your credit score, while clearing any pending dues in order to maintain a good score before applying for a loan. Your eligibility for the loan combined with the amount of loan sanctioned to you are dependent on your credit score. Additionally, the rate of interest on personal loans also varies according to your credit score.


You are required to repay the loan amount over a fixed time period and in fixed instalments. Since you get to choose this duration and the periodical payments that are to be made in this, it is important to be sure of your resources. Failing to make timely payments of EMIs (Equated Monthly Instalments) could lead to late payment charges, and eventually cause problems. This is a big factor in deciding the amount of loan for which you wish to apply.

Interest Rates

The interest rates that are offered to different individuals vary at different financial institutions on the basis of loyalty, reputation of employer, and gross salary, besides the credit score. It is always wise to check the different interest rates that are offered and compare them to get yourself the best possible deal.

Application Process

After having zeroed in on the financial institution of your preference, you must contact them to intimate yourself of the documentation that is required to apply for a personal loan. Although basic paperwork regarding identity proof and address proof remain the same, other requirements may vary from an institution to institution. Filling a personal loan application correctly is of utmost importance since loans could also be rejected based on incomplete paperwork.

Applying for a personal loan is a smooth and simple process as long as the basic things are kept in mind and informed choices are made while applying for one.