1. The terms herein will be subject to the following terms of the Stashfin Platform:
    1. General Terms and Conditions.
    2. Privacy Policy.
    3. End user Terms of Stashfin User Account.
  2. This facility for payment through Billdesk will be available only if you are a Customer who has availed of a loan/credit line from a Lender using the services of Stashfin Platform.
  3. Further to avail of the loan/credit line there should be amounts available for disbursement as per terms of the Financing Documents.
  4. The terms of the Financing Documents and online disbursement request shall form an integral part of these terms.
  5. You will have to pay principal, interest, processing fee, charges and taxes as per the terms of the Financing Documents.
  6. The repayment of the loan will be further subject to the terms of the Financing Documents.
  7. If there is any refund received from the Merchant from the payment made as provided herein, the same will be adjusted/appropriated to the outstanding amount pursuant to the loan taken by you. Such adjustment shall be appropriated firstly towards the cost, charges, expenses, and other monies, secondly towards Overdue Interest Rate, if any, thirdly towards Interest, and lastly towards repayment of the principal amount of a Credit Line/Loan.
  8. You will not be discharged from any outstanding amount to be paid by you as per your Financing Documents, such balance amounts shall be paid by you with applicable principal,
    interest,charges, taxes etc. Any closure of your loan obligation will be only after you have paid the outstanding amount.
  9. Reporting to Credit Information Companies will be as per applicable law.